Curtains - Choose curtains.

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    The choice of curtains.

    So you've made the final decision and chose the curtains of a certain style. Now we must calculate how much material will need.

    Curtains - Choose curtains

    Length curtains.

    The curtains look especially elegant when they reach the floor, and even lie on it free folds. However, too long, the curtains have its drawbacks. Every time you open or close them, we have to carefully lay the fold. But that's not all.

    For your pets, these cozy islands of tissue becoming a favorite bedding. The smallest size short curtain - up to the window sill, if they are in the window niche. You can make it to the top of the radiator, which is usually 10-15 cm below the edge of the sill.

    If you want to push the curtains and lock their tie-strings, do not forget to add another 2.5 -5 cm for seam allowance. Drapes on the cloth belt loops to hang high above the doorway to gaps between belt loops could be seen.

    Curtain rods or bars for curtains.

    Curtain rods or bars for curtains made of light or a transparent material, can be fastened to the ceiling or directly to the window frame, if you're planning a short curtains, reaching only up to the window sill. In this case, the cornice should be 2-3 cm shorter than the width of the niche, so you can enter the hooks and hang the curtains.

    Cornices and rods, strengthened over the window area, typically 30% wider than the window. This surplus, called the "sidewall" is required in order to be able to push the curtains open all the window, letting light. To complete the curtains to the floor and heavy curtains with lining require large sidewall and large cornices.

    It happens that the location of the eaves due to metal bridges over the window, but usually hang curtain rods so that the upper edge of the curtain was above the edge of the window. At this stage you should make the final decision about the style of curtains, because of how they will be fixed (or strings of cloth hanging on the belt loops on the bar or on the rings) depends on their height relative to the upper edge of the window.

    Curtains - Choose curtains

    Strengthening the cornice hanging lambrequin.

    Bare ledge or rail curtain does not look very attractive. Better when there is a second ledge for frills or festoons or special molding for lambrequin. Eaves or rod for hanging lambrequin strengthen above the window opening so that it covered a cornice, string or rod for the curtains.

    The dimensions of this cornice depend on the size and proportions of windows - the width of the cornice for lambrequin usually equal to one-fifth or one sixth of the length of the finished curtain. Cornice for lambrequin can screw above or below the space between the ceiling and the edge of the window niches, but the most successful of its location - directly under the ceiling, cornice or arch ceiling.

    How to install a cornice hanging lambrequin.

    Ledge (or rod) for hanging lambrequin - is, properly speaking, no more than a wooden plank thickness of 2 cm and 15 cm wide ledge for lambrequin must be longer than the cornice (or rod) for curtains up to 10 cm on each side to Drapes were placed there to push the form.

    If the drapery is particularly lush, this stock should be increased by not less than 30 cm from each edge. Ledge (or rod) with a stock must find the brackets (strong enough to hold the curtains and ruffles) and fixed at 8 cm from its front edge.

    To the curtains are folded at right angles to the edges and touched the wall, screw in each side edge of the cornice (or rod) for lambrequin great hook with screw and hook him extreme hooks curtains.

    Side and front side curtain pole (or rod) for the adhesive qualities lambrequin half belt with Velcro (which has hooks). Although the tape with Velcro and self-adhesive, this band is better to shoot the stapler. Make sure that the wall will withstand the severity of curtains and cornices for lambrequin: Always use the fittings, which corresponds to the task.

    Flow of matter.

    So you've installed the ledge (or rod) for curtains, and cornice (or rod) for lambrequin. It's time to figure out how much material you need.

    The calculation of the length of the curtains.

    To accurately measure the length of the curtains, use a steel or wooden ruler. Start measurement from the floor, the top of the radiator or window sill. The distance to the bottom of the hooks on the cornice (or rod) for curtains and have the correct length, add only Acc allowances on top and bottom of curtains.

    These last two measurement depend on the style of curtains and the system used to mount the hooks, so be sure to read the instructions for each option. In general, if you use curtain tape, allow for Acc bottom and the top 15 cm - 10 cm

    Width calculation.

    Width of the cloth curtain determine the width of the cornice, string or bar and the desired fold. Another added allowances - first, to ensure that half of the curtains have found each other lap, and, secondly, on the sides, if you have a ledge (or rod) for lambrequin.

    So, if there is a ledge for pelmets, add to each half curtains of 10 cm for the lap joints, and for going down on the sidewall, to the edges of the cornice. To calculate how much matter the length needed for frills, fired on the ledge for pelmets, measure the length and width lambrequin its sides.

    The width of the curtains.

    Number of required material varies depending on the system of attaching the curtain to the eaves, but to calculate how much tissue will need, we can with sufficient accuracy. Determine the width of the curtain, using the table below, adding 10 cm Acc allowance for longitudinal sections.

    Types of attachment (the required width).

    - Ties or clips (1,5-2 width).
    - Belt loops (1-1,5 width).
    - Pencil pleats (2-2,5 width).
    - Tuck-tucks or guide rolls (2 width).
    - Box pleat (3 wide).
    - Made from hand rails (width 2-2,5).


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