Curtains - symmetrically draped with a fixed pelmet skirts.

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    Symmetrically draped with a fixed pelmet skirts.

    Pelmets with fixed draping folds, perhaps, the most labor-intensive product. Typically, this class for professionals. However, as described below, method of making the step drapes perfectly feasible, provided that you properly measure and calculate everything and at every stage.

    Curtains - symmetrically draped with a fixed pelmet skirts

    One arc of draping folds lambrequin enough for a window of 2 m, but if the window is larger by 1 m, drape pelmet for it is very difficult. To do two (or more) finding each other upholstery arc for a wider window, you will need to use a lead chain, as described in paragraph 1 to determine the size and number of docking draping arcs.

    Curtains - symmetrically draped with a fixed pelmet skirts

    You will need:

    - Circuit to weight curtains.
    - Light percale linen type for the template.
    - Pencil.
    - Main fabric.
    - The canvas for the lining.
    - Top with Velcro.
    - Ruler.
    - A set for cutting and sewing.

    Council on sewing lambrequin fixed draping fold. Find a flat, vertical surface in order to better vymeryat chain slack draping folds.

    How to make a mold of draping the folds of the arcs.

    For simplicity, each measurement is identified with the letter, so write down each figure was obtained as a result of measurement, on the contrary the corresponding letter, "Flat" froze - the distance between the two ends of the upper folds of the upper edge of pelmets, which may vary depending on the desired result.

    Thus, radial folds originate from a single point, and "flat" amount equal to the width of the finished lambrequin. At step drapery, appearing here, "flat" amount equals about half the width of the finished lambrequin. Follow the instructions given here and deal with the scheme.

    A = half the "flat" size plus 6 cm
    B = two widths finished lambrequin.
    C = three-quarters of B.
    D = half the length of the chain.

    Curtains - symmetrically draped with a fixed pelmet skirts

    1. Measure the width of the arc of draping the folds on a wooden plank or I vkolite pins in the back of the sofa. Hang the chain curtains for aggravation between the two points so that the lowest point of sag was equal to one-fifth the length of the curtains. Measure the length of the chain between points.

    2. Vykroyte and cut a piece of white cloth on the chain length and twice its slack (ie, two-fifths of the height of the curtains). Fold it in half lengthwise slice Taking the inflection point of the original, measure the distance to the A and B mark the point with a pencil.

    Curtains - symmetrically draped with a fixed pelmet skirts

    3. Measure out two lengths of slack complete arc folds from the top fold and mark point B.

    4. Mark the point C - three-quarters down from the fold, and a few more times, check for patterns. Connect the dots horizontal line. If you're doing such a pelmet with fixed folds, select the fabric without a pattern that did not have it customized.

    5. Measure the distance from the bend to D, that is, half the measured length of the chain.

    6. Draw a diagonal AD. Measure this line and divide it by 4 - 5 pieces to each of them was about 15-20 cm

    Measure out the creases on the diagonal, starting and finishing half the size of, say, 10 cm, 20 cm, 20 cm, 20 cm, 10 cm These points will determine where the bend at each end of the matter lambrequin to the fold. 7. Hang the chain-ship between D and B so as to obtain a curve smoothly into almost a straight line of ducks fold D.

    Draw this line with a pencil.

    Curtains - symmetrically draped with a fixed pelmet skirts

    8. Cut out the resulting pattern and apply it to the underlying tissue Mark the bottom edge and add 1,5 cm seam allowance on the other side. This type of lambrequin cut on the cross, but if the fabric is striped or patterned, it is cut by placing the figure at the center and in texture.

    9. With the help of the same patterns are cut from a cloth lining.

    Fold both the cloth together, right sides, however, prostrochite to type on the bottom edge and trim the seam allowance of up to 5 mm. Remove the pelmet on the front side Proutyuzhte it so that lining was a little farther from the bottom of the main fabric.

    10. Cleave the lining and main fabric only at the top. Prostrochite amplifying stitch at a distance of 1 cm from the edge. Amplification line - it's a long machine stitch used to fasten the cloth to the final weld.

    Drapery lambrequin. To make swags for upholstery fold, put it on a soft surface such as an ironing board or the back of the sofa.

    11. Nadsekite denticles matter in each fold markup.

    Curtains - symmetrically draped with a fixed pelmet skirts

    Pin pelmet to target the soft surface. Mark the center and measure of it left and right on half fold greater width. Fold the crease along the top edge at the first NOTCHES and how a pin at an angle of 6 cm from the end. Cleave the second fold in half width. Just Cleave everyone folds. The last fold should coincide with a marking mid lambrequin.

    12. Pin-pin second side. Laying upholstery fold, while the angle and quality of drapery does not satisfy you completely. Cleave all the folds and gently remove the pelmet to the work surface. Prostrochite fold amplification line, to fix them.

    13. Trim the top edge to align it with the flat central part. Cut fabric strip 13 cm by 3 cm wider than the folds. Pin the strip to the right edge and prostrochite it on a typewriter. Fold once the upper edge of the band width of 1.5 cm, proutyuzhte it and tuck the front side to the front side. Prostrochite ends, remove the product and ask him a hidden seam.

    Curtains - symmetrically draped with a fixed pelmet skirts

    14. Pin half belt with Velcro, which loops to the upper edge of the hemmed strip on the reverse side. Prostrochite with both edges.

    If, in swags on the sides will be added to the tails or the folds of draperies will find each other, sew the back of the hemmed strip mate with Velcro tape, which hooks - where they overlap. Attach a strip of Velcro hooks to the upper edge of the cornice and pelmet glue.

    15. Put the mold tailored to the underlying tissue (if it is patterned, kroite so that the figure was at the center). Cut the right-panel of the patterns, adding 1.5 cm SEAM on all sides. Just cut the cloth of the second coat-tails.

    Cut out two tails of contrasting fabric. Cleave with both pairs of tails of the two fabrics and lining right sides inward and prostrochite on longitudinal sections and lower bevelled edge. Trim excess fabric at the seams and sharp corners.

    16. Proutyuzhte seams, and remove the tails on the front side seams Spread your hands and proutyuzhte the edges of the liner. In the corner of the long side of each coat-tails put weighting.

    Curtains - symmetrically draped with a fixed pelmet skirts

    17. Mark the top edge of the point of folds, as indicated on the pattern, and mark them with pins.

    18. Lay the first fold, starting with short side skirts. Cleave it on top and on bottom. Lay the next fold of making sure that the folds were parallel to each other

    19. Cut a strip of width 13 cm, genuine equality in the assembly gathered skirts, plus 6 cm SEAM. Cut of a piece of 18.5 cm from the interior coat-tails, however her to strip, right sides on the top edge, aligning the edges.

    Tuck the short edge of the strip. Priutyuzhte to the point labeled side of the coat-tails - 15 cm from the outer edge. Fold 1 cm in the second lane, pin to the remainder of his coat and prostrochite on a typewriter.

    20. Fold the top and longitudinal sections outline the width of 1,5 cm Nadsekite allowance at the junction of the bands. Fold the strips on the wrong side skirts and sew a hidden stitch. Cleave, then pristrochite half belt with Velcro, which loops on the inner edge of both bands.

    21. Glue and shoot stapler half strip with Velcro, which hooks, I on the edge of the front of the cornice for lambrequin from mid to late on the sides. Hang the coat tails on top of pelmets, securing it with Velcro on the sides of the cornice at first, and then on his front.

    Curtains - symmetrically draped with a fixed pelmet skirts

    Symmetric fixed coattails.

    Tails do much better than the pelmet. Pattern coattails standard and can be used for other curtains.

    Tails are usually the same width no matter what style of curtains, but the length can be different: some reach only to mid-curtains. The length of the inner edge of the tails is the same as the lowest point of the arc of drapery lambrequin in final form.

    Parts lists and manuals for symmetrical tails.

    Cut lining fabric width 122 cm in length conceived coattails. On the following patterns long end of the tails is one-third length curtains - is the average length of the tails.

    The other end of the tails, internal, is one-fifth the height of the curtains. Mark these dimensions to cut off a piece of canvas and connect them as shown in the diagram.


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