Curtains - The appeal of the curtains.

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    The appeal of the curtains.

    The process of cutting and sewing curtains exceptionally creative. It requires an artistic eye, expertise and skilled hands. Along the way, you will not only sew but also a little carpentry, for example, to carry through the work with curtains or pelmets to make lush, festoons, coattails.

    Curtains - Curtain Fascination

    However, this is not such a difficult task: we must simply be able to cut off a block of the desired length. Bars and bars of standard length and shape are sold in stores "DIY" or on any building materials market. And if you all in advance obmeryaete and calculate it in the same market and napilyat you everything you need.

    However, fitting for lambrequin cornice to the wall - work for which the necessary skills. Wall wall of hostility, and need to know what drills and screws are required in each case.

    Sometimes that can be drilled only in certain places because of the iron rebar in concrete walls or, alternatively, because of the delicate decoration of gypsum, but this requires very precise measurements and calculations. Choosing the fasteners, you must assume that they will keep the heavy curtains, cornices, pelmets.

    To err is not: the consequences would be disastrous for both you and the wall. These curtains are hung, not in order to push or move them: they pass the required flow of light on the table.

    Curtains - Curtain Fascination

    The choice of style.

    When choosing the type and size of the curtain is very important to consider the overall proportion of the interior. Making out the window, you should pay attention to everything - and existing furniture, and the whole style of your room. Majestic curtain and drapery with heavy curtains will look great in a spacious room with high ceilings, where guests, and quite ridiculous in a small kitchenette and a bathroom.

    In such areas, with their clean lines and tiles, the windows look more fun and comfortable unpretentious curtains from fabrics catchy colors: they mitigate excessive sterility kitchens and bathrooms and give them a more residential look.

    The shape and location of windows should not confuse you. There are many ways to change the look of the window. Too broad or too narrow window can easily transform a shortened or, conversely, very long cornice - a 15% wider on each side of the window. If the curtains should be as long as possible, their height can be increased by lambrequin, starting near the ceiling.

    Light and views.

    On what would be the type of curtains you may have stopped, take into account the views and the desired lit room. If the view outside the window is not very attractive or your room overlooking the street, and you want solitude and rest, then hang it on the transparent window curtains or flat blinds.

    If the view from the window is beautiful and the window is large, a better choice for more than a catchy shades of color fabric that they like a picture frame or the mountains bordering the valley, emphasized the colorful landscape.

    When you finally stop your choice on a certain style curtains, decide how and at what height they will hang on any ledge (just a tube, for a massive lambrequin, etc.). All it is desirable to know before you start measuring and calculations. At the end of this section, we describe in detail how to do measurement and customized curtains - these processes are very important.

    Measurement window.

    Measurement is extremely important for the entire process window decorations. The first advice - to use for measurement of steel or wooden ruler, remembering the old wisdom: The seven times measure, cut once. Measurement we also need to estimate the width of the cornice and flow of matter with all the removal, trimming and finishing.

    It is better to make all necessary measurements in one sitting, and not become complacent just those that you think are needed at the moment. If your plans change, the good of the additional measurement will not be.

    Make a mistake in measuring each window, even if at first glance, all the windows are the same. If the wall is more than one window, check the pier to figure out how you can use this space for the design of windows - like hang a picture.

    If you are using existing adaptations, such as eaves, pipes and so on, measure their easy, but still record the data.

    Curtain rods or tubes for curtains:

    Measure the length of the cornice and the distance from the wall to the place on the cornice, which carries the curtains (offset). Measure the length of the curtains from the tip of the hooks to which they are attached to the window sill, top of the radiator and the floor.

    Ledge or bar for lambrequin.

    In addition to measurements, which are described above, measure the length of the eave-lambrequin and indentation (on the front edge of the cornice to the wall). Decide what kind of finish you want. For example, if you do the corners of the deep folds of bytes, you need an additional quantity of matter.

    Measurement windows.

    First of all obmerte distance to the floor in the corners and the middle in case the floor or ceiling is uneven. Measure the distance from the top or bottom of the arch to the floor. Measure the distance from the top or bottom of the vault to the edge of the window niches or the upper edge of the frame. Measure the length and width of the window niches, including the window frame, or self-depression.

    Measure the distance from the sill to the floor. Measure the distance from the lateral edges of the window niche to the edges of the eaves, if you do cornice and curtains wider than the window. Typically, the cornice is 30% longer than the width of the window.


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