Curtains - How to make curtains.

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    How to make curtains.

    Types and many types of curtains - for all premises and in any style. Some types of curtains, such as moving or Roman flat, attached directly to the window frame, while others, such as Austrian or folded in London, make a curtain tape.

    Measuring for curtains.

    Curtains set in an alcove window or outside. Make a mistake in measuring a window for curtains as well as for other curtains.

    Window niche.

    If you're going to hang curtains right on the box, measure the width of the window frame and subtract 3 cm on the mechanical fastening of the curtain or on the cord. Moving on to the shaft of the curtains do not nuzhnozadelyvat side sections.

    In other cases, before you start cutting fabric, carefully read the enclosed instructions to the pattern. If we are talking about moving the curtains, the length must be added to the allowance of sealing a rotating shaft. For all other types of curtains on ostavlyaytepripusk Acc edges.

    The curtains on the outside of the window niches.

    Curtains, calculated on the outer side of the window niches, should go to the wall, at least 5 cm on either side. They can reach up to the sill or drop below 10-15 cm Takoypripuskpodhodit for Austrian blinds, which kroyatsya with scalloped along the ground. At the top of such curtains can be mounted directly under the ceiling or just above the edge of the window niches.

    How zakrepdyat curtains.

    Curtains are fixed on a wooden bar or on a special ledge. The wooden bar is attached, most types of curtains, and a special ledge hung Austrian and other curtains with scalloped along the ground.

    Wooden plank - a great way for suspension of all types of curtains, except those who have festoons along the ground. It is very simple, requires no special carpentry skills. Planck length depends otshiriny top.

    Pick up the bar section of 5 X 2,5 cm or 2,5 X 2,5 cm and drank the bar, the size equal to the width of finished curtains. Bar can paint the color of the window frame or a low-key obtyanut faded cloth and seal the edges of its sides. Fix the matter, tight bar, a stapler.

    Curtains - How to make curtains

    1. Double sided adhesive tape with Velcro tape is indispensable for the manufacture of curtains. The best way to attach the curtain to come up with hard sticks. Velcro also allows you to easily remove the curtains for washing. Glue the ribbon with Velcro along the bar and secure it just in case stapler.

    Curtains - How to make curtains

    2. Place the bar across the top of the curtains to mark the position of laces. At each marked point on the underside of the bar screw in a special hook on pedicle screw to pull the strap.

    Screw a hook screw on the end of the bar there, where should droop shoelace. Screw the screws stick to the upper edge of the window frame inside the window niches or with brackets to the wall above the window recess. Curtains can descend from the ceiling or set to be only 10 cm above the window-niche

    Attaching the hook for winding lace.

    Hook for winding lace strengthen usually on the frame window on the right side (when facing the window). And attach it high on the wall at the edge of the niche - where he will be well masked by the folds of London or Austrian blinds, and window sill height for flat type roman blinds, curtains or role.


  • Bed linen
  • Simple pillowcase
  • Pillow with fringe
  • Pillow with buttons
  • Pillowcase with ties
  • Oxford pillowcase
  • Pillowcase with ruffles
  • Hemmed sheet
  • A sheet with an elastic band
  • Bed with Podzorov in the assembly
  • Valance with corner pleats
  • With box pleat valance
  • Duvet cover on a duvet
  • Duvet cover on a duvet with an envelope on the front panel
  • Blanket with fleece
  • Patchwork quilt
  • Flat canopy over the bed
  • Finish canopy krulsevami
  • Canopy at the crowning cornice
  • Cover with ties to the headboard
  • Covering the front of the headboard of complex shape
  • Decorating the front of the headboard cover with insert
  • Quilted blanket for the crib or cradle
  • Liner for baby baskets
  • Bed to the cradle in the form of Moses baskets
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  • Curtain stretched at both ends to the rods or strings
  • Self-Lining
  • Unlined curtains with curtain tape
  • How to hem the lining to the curtain
  • Curtains on the special lining
  • Pelmet with Assemblies and the finishing border
  • Pelmet with folds made ​​by hand
  • Stretched on a frame pelmet
  • Pelmet with drapery and folds
  • Symmetrically draped with a fixed pelmet skirts
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