Bed and table linen - Bed Linen.

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    Bed linen.

    Bedroom - it's purely personal space, usually come here just so their other casual visitor. But that's why a bedroom - a place where you express yourself with great fullness and where your tastes and preferences of the most manifest.

    Bed and table linen - Bed Linen

    Now, most people prefer the softest duvets in a streamlined blanket and relevant sheets, but many individuals and traditionally adorned the bed, covered with a good old blanket, daruyuschim extra warmth and coziness in winter or cool summer bed sheets.

    And as tempting quilts from scraps! We have included in our book is one such product. It can be quickly done on a typewriter: it takes only a little more colorful patchwork pieces of matter so, delight the eye.

    The classic combination of blue and white, which causes the usual association with the sea and sand, are not necessarily required for striped deck chairs. Here, a simple white and blue blanket on the duvet successfully complements the beautiful Oxford pillow decorated with transparent fabric.

    White embroidery on white always looks elegant and serves as a wonderful decoration of bed decoration. If you sleep on your pillow at night upside down her embroidery. This bedroom, with all his views stating that her mistress is a woman, adorned with quilt, trimmed with exquisitely quilted border.


    Bedroom - the best place for jewelry items from textiles, but their main focus, of course, the bed occupies the central and largest space in the room. Different kinds of finishes - fringe, ruffles, and so on. - Are not only on a quilt or blanket.

    Almost every bed has a special valances, going down to the floor: they are rescued from the dust and doubles as a decoration. Canopies, valances, pelmets can be made from the same material as the bedding, and can be made of thick curtain fabrics to make them more strict look and introduce a number of upholstered furniture and window curtains.

    Lung tissue sleeker look with lush pleats and ruffles, tight as producing an impressive impression when you hang flat with simple folds at the corners.

    An important place on the bed is occupied, of course, pillows. Usually they are simple rectangular vysyaschiesya under a blanket, or a more extravagant square, looking particularly elegant, when crowned with a pile of other bags larger size or self-piled at the head of the bed.

    Such large pillows break the monotony duvet or blankets, thrown over the entire surface of the bed. They do not necessarily go to bed: at night they can be put on the chair. And since these decorative pillows rather than functional, pillowcases on them must also be sufficiently ornamental - with lace trim and beautiful embroidery.

    Although duvets ago have won a lasting place in our beds, old blankets are not yet completely disappeared. For example, a patchwork quilt, and now can safely be a decoration of the bed so even and well protect it from dust - especially in the guest room, which was rarely used.

    Summer quilt, in combination with a bed sheet can compete with the hottest feather. In winter, plain cover will give the same down jacket extra warmth and variety. No matter how you decorate your bedroom, all linen must be extremely practical, since it must be regularly removed and washed.

    Bed linen.

    So, it's a good bedding - cotton and linen or mixed fabrics (linen and cotton with synthetic fibers). The advantage of these specialized bedding fabrics in that they produce the desired width: one can make the sheet even the royal double bed.

    You can give your imagination run wild, and to sheathe a cotton sheet or pillowcase border of linen or make her finish the envelope a blanket cover on a duvet. However, bed linen can weave various fabrics, the main thing - that they do not irritate the skin.

    So, a coverlet, which is used as a blanket made of fuzzy fabric only at the head of his otorachivayut linen or cotton cloth to his chin in contact with a soft cloth.

    In general, tissues with a special texture is good for external bedspreads: they can be put over the duvet, and under it we can put a sheet of ordinary matter and tuck it under the edge of the bed. Then the tough fabric will not touch the body, and it will be possible to use and as an additional blanket.

    Beds come in many types and styles. Say, four-poster bed four-poster looks much impressive, when the fabric draped canopy. These drapes can dangle from the top over the bed, forming a kind of canopy, canopy, or canopy.

    Style canopy in the blink of an eye can change a room. Simple sleek canopy - and the room becomes a minimalist look; exotic "overseas" fabrics, richly draped, with lots of brush and lush fringe - and your bedroom is transferred to the mysterious East, and should decorate the canopy fabrics with lace and luxurious bows, as it becomes a mysterious and romantic.

    In this chapter you will find lots of examples, which will surely encourage you to bold solutions and help to better arrange my bedroom. You will read how, step by step technically to implement its plan, ranging from uncomplicated pillowcases and ending with an incredible canopy and refined drape canopy.

    Here are as simple projects for the beginner seamstress and complex, requiring a great experience, but explains clearly and precisely with the position of masters. In short, in this chapter you will find everything that will allow you to implement any plan proposed in this book. We finish this chapter, offering you with us to issue a charming children's room.

    The fabric, called "everyday cotton prints with rich gobelin motifs used here helps to combine the bedclothes with other items of textiles in the room. Top left. A simple white linen clothes can be decorated with embroidery.

    Here the graceful motifs of roses and rose garlands make all bedding accessories in a beautiful complete the ensemble, the lower left. Such simple pillowcases can be decorated with embroidery uncomplicated that immediately give them an individual look.

    To embroidery is not irritated skin, do it away from the center of the pillow. From cellular grafts for one day can make such a charming (and warm) quilted blanket for a child's room.

    Standard sizes of adult and pediatric beds.

    In various countries, these standards are different, but the dimensions given here Bole or less universal and can be taken as the basis for your projects:

    - Single bed 90 x 190 cm
    - A small double bed 135 x 190 cm
    - Standard double bed 150 x 200 cm
    - Large double bed 180 x 200 cm
    - A standard cot 56 x 118 cm
    - European cot 60 x 120 cm
    - Large cot 63 x 127 cm
    - Teen bed 70 x 140 cm


  • Bed linen
  • Simple pillowcase
  • Pillow with fringe
  • Pillow with buttons
  • Pillowcase with ties
  • Oxford pillowcase
  • Pillowcase with ruffles
  • Hemmed sheet
  • A sheet with an elastic band
  • Bed with Podzorov in the assembly
  • Valance with corner pleats
  • With box pleat valance
  • Duvet cover on a duvet
  • Duvet cover on a duvet with an envelope on the front panel
  • Blanket with fleece
  • Patchwork quilt
  • Flat canopy over the bed
  • Finish canopy krulsevami
  • Canopy at the crowning cornice
  • Cover with ties to the headboard
  • Covering the front of the headboard of complex shape
  • Decorating the front of the headboard cover with insert
  • Quilted blanket for the crib or cradle
  • Liner for baby baskets
  • Bed to the cradle in the form of Moses baskets
  • Table Linen:
  • Table linen
  • Rectangular tablecloth
  • Round tablecloth
  • Napkins trimmed around the edges
  • Quilted coasters
  • Track on the table decorated with beads
  • Windows and their place in the interior
  • Accessories for curtains
  • The appeal of curtains
  • The choice of curtains
  • The first step
  • Cutting Curtains
  • Pattern Lambek with ruffles
  • How to hang curtains
  • How to make curtains
  • The choice of curtain tapes
  • Simple Curtains
  • Drapes with ties
  • Curtains on the belt loops
  • Curtains with incorporation of angles in the condition
  • Flat lined curtains
  • Padded lining the curtains on the belt loops
  • Curtain cafe on the lower half of the window
  • Curtain stretched at both ends to the rods or strings
  • Self-Lining
  • Unlined curtains with curtain tape
  • How to hem the lining to the curtain
  • Curtains on the special lining
  • Pelmet with Assemblies and the finishing border
  • Pelmet with folds made ​​by hand
  • Stretched on a frame pelmet
  • Pelmet with drapery and folds
  • Symmetrically draped with a fixed pelmet skirts
  • Printed Ties
  • Printed ties with piping
  • Wicker garter Spit
  • Tie with ruffles
  • Pleated tie
  • Holders
  • Transparent curtains with curtain tape
  • Transparent flat curtains
  • A simple shower curtain
  • Plastic shower curtains
  • Curtains on garters
  • Reef curtains
  • Roman Blinds
  • London Blinds
  • Austrian blinds
  • The role of curtains

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