Bed and table linen - Canopy for crowning cornice.

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    Canopy at the crowning cornice.

    Crowning cornice looks extremely impressive, although in reality it is nothing like a curtain with lambrequins attached to a semicircular frame for lambrequin.

    Bed and table linen - Canopy for crowning cornice

    Here, the top curtain decorated with soft ruffles that are trimmed with lace, hanging from hooks under the frame for lambrequin. Cloth curtains may come down to the edge of the folds of the bed, and may extend beyond the bed.

    You will need:

    - Pencil.
    - Facilities for the crowning cornice for lambrequin 25 x 12,5 x 2,5 cm
    - Jigsaw or a jigsaw.
    - Sandpaper.
    - Staplers and staples for the stapler.
    - Top with Velcro.
    - Hammer.
    - Chrome-plated brackets.
    - Cloth.
    - Ardeen belt with Velcro.
    - Lace.
    - Hooks for curtains.
    - A set for cutting and sewing.

    Bed and table linen - Canopy for crowning cornice

    1. Draw on the blackboard a semicircle of diameter equal to the width of the crowning cornice (25 cm). Saw him fret and finish with sandpaper.

    2. Obtyanite semicircle of cloth, securing her a stapler in a circle.

    3. Stick in a circle looped mate with Velcro tape. Secure it with a stapler.

    4. Around the inner perimeter of the board at a distance of 2.5 cm from the edge tamp chrome brackets, leaving the straight side of the room for the two brackets to enhance the cornice on the wall.

    Bed and table linen - Canopy for crowning cornice

    5. Vykroyte cloth ruffles on the size of 3-4 times longer than a semicircle cornice plus an allowance of 7 cm in width Acc.

    Make Acc top 6 cm wide, tucked it into the wrong side, and zautyuzhte. Double-Acc each longitudinal slice width of 5 mm and prostrochite in place. Proutyuzhte all the seams.

    6. Pin the top edge of ruffles curtains with Velcro tape width of 5 x 5 cm below zautyuzhennogo edge. Cut the ribbon at the end of the frills and bend under the cut. Slip the ends of shoelaces curtain tape underneath on one side and leave to act on another. Prostrochite tape on all sides in the region.

    7. Fold the bottom of frills on the width of 5 mm. Put the lace frills along the bottom edge, however they with frill and prostrochite in place. Tighten the laces curtain tape to pull off ruffles of semicircles cornice, and apply the frills to the tape with Velcro

    How to make curtains.

    Measure the crowning cornice around the perimeter and make the curtains in two to three times wider. The upper edge of prostrochite simple curtain tape width 2,5 cm

    Push one curtain hook at a chrome bracket and prisborte curtain dividing the folds across the width. Starting from the center of the semicircle, then hang the curtain on the crowning cornice.


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