Basic techniques of cutting and sewing - Set for cutting and sewing.

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    Set for cutting and sewing.

    In your sewing box, probably much of which will be discussed, is already there. Make sure the scissors to cut the material you are sharp, and do not use them for other purposes.

    Basic techniques of cutting and sewing - Set for sewing

    1. Needle with a blunt end and a wide eye for pulling elastics, cord or ribbon through kulisku.

    2. Carbon paper for fabric and dotted dial markings are used for applying a cut on the wrong side of the matter. Select copy paper, which is close to the color of the matter, but leave enough traces. For cutting across the white fabric, always use white carbon paper (she leaves barely noticeable trace).

    3. Markers of tissue. Pencil is suitable for printing on cloth with hard surface. His tracks are easy to sweep away brush or stiff brush. Washed off the ink disappearing in the wash or fade in the light. You can put the contours on a paper coated with wax, and then transfer them to fabric a warm iron.

    4. Contact adhesive tape flizofiks specifically designed for bonding two layers of fabric. It is of various widths. Shown here are narrow strips are suitable for bending and fixing edge on the solid matter. Wider bandwidth is used for applications.

    5. Ordinary middle-purpose needles for hand sewing. For fine needlework is better to choose a shorter needle with a round eye. Needles for sewing are ten rooms - from 1 to 10. Number 10 - the fine needle.

    6. Cushion for needles. It is convenient to store while the needles and pins.

    7. Dressmaker pins. For a conventional approach is simply sewing dressmaker pins for more precise work needed more subtle. Pins with plastic heads are better seen.

    8. Sewing tape of nonwoven for more accurate labeling on the seam allowance. Belt width of 5 mm, but it can stick out from the edge, if you need a wider seam.

    9. Special metal needle for screwing out gubernaculum with thread sewn to one end of the shank.

    10. English (Safety) pin for fastening the thick layers of matter.

    11. Scissors. You'll need more tailoring scissors matter, scissors average for the cut-off edges, or cutting small patches and small scissors for cutting threads and podsekaniya allowances in the field rounding. Never cut with sewing scissors, paper - from this they tupyatsya.

    12. Garment ripper - a special cutting tool for rasparyvaniya improper weld failure sewing machine. They can be cut sewn loops for the buttons.

    13. Measuring tape. Buy polutorametrovy not stretch a measuring tape made of fiberglass. Need more small metal ruler with the regulator: it is useful for shearing pins cuts, darts and loops for the buttons.

    14. Tailor's chalk. It is used when cutting material. Sharpen one end of the middle pair of scissors. Try to hold it on the front side of the matter, to make sure that the trail is easily swept away with a brush.

    15. Thimble worn on the index finger of the working hands to protect it from damage when sewing needle.

    16. Sewing thread. Pick up a thread so that they conform to the material and tone tissue. If you can not find exactly the tone, let the thread will be a little dark matter. For the manufacture of covers for furniture and quilted items, choose a strong thread. Threads for nous is cheaper and lower quality. Loops for the buttons buttonhole yarn or linen thread.

    17. Tissue paper. When do I have to type prostrochit thin fabric, keen on both sides of the joint strip of tissue paper and sew on it as usual, then tear off the paper.


  • Bed linen
  • Simple pillowcase
  • Pillow with fringe
  • Pillow with buttons
  • Pillowcase with ties
  • Oxford pillowcase
  • Pillowcase with ruffles
  • Hemmed sheet
  • A sheet with an elastic band
  • Bed with Podzorov in the assembly
  • Valance with corner pleats
  • With box pleat valance
  • Duvet cover on a duvet
  • Duvet cover on a duvet with an envelope on the front panel
  • Blanket with fleece
  • Patchwork quilt
  • Flat canopy over the bed
  • Finish canopy krulsevami
  • Canopy at the crowning cornice
  • Cover with ties to the headboard
  • Covering the front of the headboard of complex shape
  • Decorating the front of the headboard cover with insert
  • Quilted blanket for the crib or cradle
  • Liner for baby baskets
  • Bed to the cradle in the form of Moses baskets
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  • Curtain cafe on the lower half of the window
  • Curtain stretched at both ends to the rods or strings
  • Self-Lining
  • Unlined curtains with curtain tape
  • How to hem the lining to the curtain
  • Curtains on the special lining
  • Pelmet with Assemblies and the finishing border
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