Covers on pillows and chairs - Free cover for a chair.

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    Free cover for a chair.

    Cover, in fact, doing the same sequence as the pattern of percale. Add the same 15 cm cloth seats, if they were not on the patterns of percale.

    Covers on pillows and chairs - Free cover for chair

    Before scribbling on a typewriter, it is better to sweep away all the details on the live thread and put on a cover for a chair to make sure that the image (if any) shall not break, everything fits well and adjusted to each other. At this stage, to mark the curb line.

    You will need:

    - Pattern of percale.
    - Main matter.
    - Bias binding.
    - Cord fringing.
    - Clothes zipper.
    - A set for cutting and sewing.

    Council on sewing free cover to a chair. Sewing jacket on the chair - a serious matter for an experienced seamstress. If this is your first work of this kind, then a simple monochrome cloth without a pattern, to avoid difficulties in fitting the pattern.

    Covers on pillows and chairs - Free cover for chair

    Cutting out the matter.

    To not make mistakes and do not cut the fabric wrong side, vykraivaya details for perkalevym templates, watch carefully to the face and reverse side patterns are consistent with the person and wrong side of the main fabric. This will help you avoid misunderstandings with the pattern or direction of the nap on fabrics such as velvet.

    1. You will wear all parts of percale pins to a base fabric, fit exactly a picture (if any) on the matter on the front and back of the seat cushion. With the help of Design patterns adjust the picture on the front of the seat and armrests

    2. If you intend to turn over the seams, vykroyte strip material wide enough to wrap cords for edges (see "Basic techniques of cutting and sewing" - Bias binding), and stitch them into the desired width of the ring plus a 2.5 cm SEAM. Typically, such tapes to tailor fringing on the bias (where Bias binding), but if the fabric plaid or with a noticeable pattern, it is better to cut a straight line in texture.

    3. Sew Bake trailing around the cord, using the presser foot for zipper. Pin-pin fringing on the edges of each part that needs it, straighten, and pristrochite it on a typewriter.

    4. Stitch detail exactly how you baste piece of percale.

    Pristrochite front back to the box, and then back. Sew the arms, leaving the seam between the left side arm rest and back to back zipper. Tuck allowances details pristrochite seat before the front of the seat.

    Covers on pillows and chairs - Free cover for chair

    Border in the frill on the cover.

    Frilly bottom cover on a chair or sofa - the best way to achieve excellent results.

    5. Cut the bottom edge of the cover, leaving a 2.5 cm seam allowance on the line below the curb. Mark the side seam of a place for opening the zipper. Cleave and Baste piping on the edge between markup zipper along the bottom edge of the cover.

    6. Measure the desired width of the curb and add 5 cm seam allowance on and Acc. Vykroyte and Sew frills strip in two lengths of the perimeter of the bottom. Follow Acc width of 2 cm from the edge and prostrochite it. Razmerte and mark the border on the meter pins prostrochite two rows of stitches between the assembly markings. Tie the ends of the thread at the end of each section.

    7. Mark every 50 cm of the lower edge of the cover. Pin border to the bottom of the cover and fit meter mark on the curb to the half-meter at the bottom edge of the cover.

    Covers on pillows and chairs - Free cover for chair

    Pull the wire assembly.

    8. Spread the frills. Pristrochite sborchaty border to the lower edge of the cover, put on a machine presser foot zipper: it will allow prostrochit seam close to the cord for the edging. Seal assembly and thread sewn sections.

    Insert the demountable zipper.

    Zipper on the side seam of the cover on a chair or sofa should be as less visible. Insert a hidden zipper (see "Fundamentals of Technology sewing") into the left rear side seam. On a sofa or couch, where the detail back already filed, insert half hidden zipper (ibid.) in the left rear side seam.

    9. Insert a zipper into the hole left by the side back seam on the left hand Open the zipper and pin it with pins face down along the seam line to the side panel Pristrochite using presser foot for zipper.

    10. Cleave and pristrochite slash Bake with a cord for edging the hole in the seam line on the outer side of the armrest. Pristrochite other half of the zipper over the borders.

    11. Fold the zipper and seam allowance to wrong side. Pristrochite zipper rasstrochnym seam as close to the cord for the edging. Likewise pristrochite zipper at the other end. Border in the form of ruffles gives this classic chair a luxury, a little "lady" look.


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