Covers on pillows and chairs - cushions.

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    Cushions - interior design items, and as such they provide a complete view of the overall picture. You can make them from any matter - here a wide field of creativity. Pillows with contrasting colors enliven the monotone color gamut and allow you to make the necessary emphasis in the overall interior color scheme.

    Covers on pillows and chairs - Pillows

    Covers on pillows and chairs - Pillows

    They attach to the sofa or chair of warmth and coziness, smooths hard lines and angularity of furniture. Enough one carelessly thrown a pillow or cushion - and all the colors in the room begin to play. And you can carefully pick up the pillow on color and texture of the fabric at the end of the decoration process to deliver a final finishing touch.

    Pillows can be made from any fabric, to give them any shape and decorate the various materials and decorative buttons. A wonderful plush trim makes a beautiful fabric into something exotic and luxurious.

    Covers on pillows and chairs - Pillows

    Cushions of different shapes and sizes adorn any room. It is through such a variety of styles pillows - one of the richest elements of interior decoration. If pillows purely decorative purposes, they can be made from any fabric, so before you open up infinite possibilities for creative imagination.

    Scattered in different parts of the room pillows are very picturesque. They can be decomposed into a bed, scattered on the floor, put in a corner chair, it was convenient to sit. Better look great pillows, especially if you want them grouped. Small pads are too crushed the big picture.

    Covers on pillows and chairs - Pillows

    Scattered pile of cushions and cushion for the legs make a great bench at a comfortable day's couch. Different in the form of cushions are made from different fabrics. They are united by common thought out color scheme.

    Pillows - the easiest to make the subject of interior decoration. To someone who has not dabbled in this area, it is better to start with the simplest designs. This chapter provides a variety of styles and techniques of sewing covers on pillows.

    Covers on pillows and chairs - Pillows

    The choice depends largely on your personal taste, but whatever the style of the cover for the cushion, the process of cutting and sewing the most efficient and optimal. Slot can also be decorated - close buttons, beautiful strings or marine style lace, threaded into the holes.

    You can give a special pillow originality unusual finish, and here the possibilities are endless. You can not just trim the edge of pillows: the whole of its upper part - the perfect field for needlework. Looks very impressive machine sewing. Sometimes a large enough engine design process manually wool or silk thread or a cross.

    Covers on pillows and chairs - Pillows

    All these techniques allow you to make pillow covers in any close to your heart with style - and in modern and traditional. Often pillows are square or rectangular. However, they can make any shape and size, even a round or heart shaped. Square pillows can be all kinds: from small (30 cm) to very large, outdoor Japanese-style (up to 55 cm).

    Huge selection and rectangular pillows. Some close to the square, others are very stretched and long. If you can not buy ready-made cushion the desired shape and size, can make its own hands with padding of foam rubber, synthetic wool or fluff and feathers. The most expensive material for stuffing - feathers, but he is persistent: Pillow not break into a ball and does not become flat as a sheet of paper.

    Covers on pillows and chairs - Pillows

    Lining for padding to be done from a dense material like calico, did not get out to the tips of feathers. Bulk bag with a lateral plane differs from others only insert on each side. Typically, these pillows stuffed with feathers, but you can make them from specially cut foam.

    Small pillow with side insert suitable for wicker chairs and wooden benches, a large well laid on the floor in the nursery or to use as a little bed for cats and dogs. Pillows designed for the floor, it is best to fill a synthetic wool. Covers for such pillows are sewn from a more practical matter - after all they have to remove and wash.

    Covers on pillows and chairs - Pillows

    But even here the choice is vast - from the canvas and teak to wool fabrics. Very elegant look round the rollers, when used on a couch or pillow your head on the couch or lounger. Depending on the purpose of rollers may play a purely practical or purely decorative role.

    By design, cover for cushion is stretched on a pillow, a pipe, which with two ends tied with ribbons. When such a case is made of transparent rigid dress fabric "organza" in pillows very impressive appearance. More stringent in the form of blankets on the rollers are usually edged with both ends have Pulling buttons and brushes.

    Small patterns, embroidered with a contrasting color cover thread - a distinctive feature of Oxford bags. Wide, not stitched edges give them peace and calm appearance. Large pillows look solid and make the chair more attractive.

    Pillows can weave any matter. This pillow on a sofa near the window is made from household linen towels for drying dishes. Quilted place hold gasket and attached pillow finished appearance. Blue and white linen pillow with a white cord evoke naval associations.

    With the right color selection of a pile of pillows with covers in the box and the strip looks like a coherent whole. Striped cloth covers some tailored to the diagonal (on the bias), and from such an unusual effect.


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  • Simple pillowcase
  • Pillow with fringe
  • Pillow with buttons
  • Pillowcase with ties
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  • Bed with Podzorov in the assembly
  • Valance with corner pleats
  • With box pleat valance
  • Duvet cover on a duvet
  • Duvet cover on a duvet with an envelope on the front panel
  • Blanket with fleece
  • Patchwork quilt
  • Flat canopy over the bed
  • Finish canopy krulsevami
  • Canopy at the crowning cornice
  • Cover with ties to the headboard
  • Covering the front of the headboard of complex shape
  • Decorating the front of the headboard cover with insert
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  • Liner for baby baskets
  • Bed to the cradle in the form of Moses baskets
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